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The best solution for NEET-PG and UG aspirants preparing to write the online exam. This site provides mock tests, practice tests, subject wise tests. dreamNEET is a website  providing online practice tests. This site is designed specially for NEET-PG and UG  every aspirant needs a solution to practice and get a feel of how an online test is conducted.

How relevant is this test for the entrance exam I am writing?

Whether you write NEET-PG or NEET-UG on this site will have common features. Every entrance exam will have the curriculum and subject wise distribution of questions. All the mock tests are designed here are as per the distribution it can be subject wise and chapter wise depending on the relevance to the entrance you have chosen. This will give you an idea of how an actual test is going to be.

How practice tests are useful?

Practice tests are designed subject wise, chapter wise and topic wise. You can take the practice tests as per your preparation. While studying the subject you can go for practice tests in that subject, chapter and topic to know how you are progressing.

How many Questions are there?

Every entrance covered in our site has thousands of questions available. All topics that appear in the curriculum are covered for every test. Every entrance covered here will provide 10 mock tests, besides section wise tests.

Can I solve so many questions?

Yes if it is an online test or a computer based test you can take them quickly. You do not have to spend too much time in locating questions and answering them. Evaluation of your test is instant, so you will know immediately how are you scoring and what areas you should improve.

Do I have any additional material?

Yes, you will find reference material, quizzes, video lectures to help you in your preparation. All these material is arranged topic wise, hence you can quickly locate what you are looking for.

How practice tests are useful?

Practice tests are designed subject wise. You can take the test as per your preparation. While studying the subject you can go for practice tests in that subject to know how you are progressing. In this kind of tests practice is very important as you will know what question to answer and which question to skip. You will learn time management.

Do I know what will be my score if I take mock test?

Yes the mock tests are designed as per the actual test and scoring is done as per the guidelines given.

Can I review my test taken?

Yes you can review, there are many types of reviews available to help you really understand how you are attempting the mock test. You may review all questions or only correctly answered questions or only questions incorrectly answered or unattempted questions or questions where you spent more time than allotted.

Where from these questions are prepared?

These questions are from old question papers and new questions are prepared by subject matter experts and are reviewed by professionals who are teaching in leading institutes.

Can I try before I buy the complete subscription?

Yes when you register we give you 3 days free access to access our website except the mock tests.

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    Available courses

    You can take practice 353 questions in the subject Anaesthesiology.


    Abdomen; Embryology; Histology and Osteology ; Head and Neck; Lower Limb; Thorax; Upper Limb; Miscellaneous

    You can take practice 719 questions in the subject Anatomy.


    Blood and Mineral Metabolism; Carbohydrate Metabolism; Enzymes; General Biochemistry; Lipid Metabolism; Nucleoproteins; Protein Metabolism;Vitamins

    You can take practice 681 questions in the subject Biochemistry.

    Dermatology and STD.

    Skin; STD

    You can take practice 324 questions in the subject Dermatology and STD.


    Ear; Nose; Throat; Miscellaneous

    You can take practice 469 questions in the subject ENT.

    Forensic Medicine.

    Forensic Psychiatry; Identification; Legal Procedures; Postmortem; Toxicology; Wounds; Miscellaneous

    You can take practice 469 questions in the subject Forensic Medicine.

    General Medicine.

    There are 38 chapters in this subject

    You can take practice 2252 questions in the subject General Medicine in the following chapters.

    Alimentary Tract and Pancreas; Anaema; Bacteria; Bleeding Disorders; Cardio Vascular System; Cerebro Vascular Disease; Chlamydiae, Rickettsial, Fungus ; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Connective Tissues; Degenerative Disease; Diabetes Mellitus; Nerve and Muscle disease; Diseases due to infection; Diseases of Blood; Disturbance in Water, Electrolyte, Endocryne Disease; Heart Rate Rhythm and Conduction; Heart Valves; Helminthes;Infections; Infections of Nervous System; Interstesial and Infiltrative Lung Disease; Ischeamic Heart Disease;Kidney and Urinary System; Lukamia, Lymphama, Myeloproliferative Disease; Liver and Bilary System; Myocardium and Pericardium; Nervous System Diseases; Neutritional and Metabolic Disorders; Poissoning; Protozova; Pulmanory Vascular Disease; Respiratory System Diseases; Spine and Spinal Cord; Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease; Lung Tumours; Virus


    There are 44 chapters in this subject

    You can take practice 1084 questions in the subject Gynaecology.

    Anatomy ; Antepartum Haemorrhage ; Antinatal Care ; Birth Control ; Carcinoma of the Endometrium ; Complications of the Third Stage of Labour ; Conception Pathology ; Contracted Pelvis, Abnormal Uterine Action ; Diagnosis of pregnancy ; Disorders of Menstruation ; Disorders of the Ovary ; Dysplasias and Carcinoma of the Cervix ; Ectopic Gestation ; Endocrinology ; Endometriosis and Adenomyosis ; Fetal skull and Maternal pelvis ; Fetus in Utero ; Fetus, Physiological Changes during Pregnancy ; Fibromyomas of the Uterus ; Gynaecological Diagnosis ; Haemorrhage in Early Pregnancy, Abortion, MTP ; Histology, Physiology ; Hormonic therapy in Gynaecology ; Inflammation of the Uterus, Prolapse ; Injuries to the Birth Canal ; LBW Baby, Diseases of Fetus and NewBorn ; Malformations of female generative organs ; Malposition, malpresentation, Cord Prolapse ; Medical, Surgical, Gynaecological Disorders ; Miscellaneous ; Multiple Pregnancy, Polyhydramnios, Placenta ; Normal Labour ; Normal Puerperium ; PID, Broad Ligament, Fallopian tubes and Parametrium ; Placenta and Fetal Membranes ; Preterm Labour, Premature Rupture of Membranes ; Prolonged Labour, Obstructed Labour Dystocia ; Reproduction Fundamentals ; Special Cases ; STD, Tuberculosis of the Genital Tract ; Trophoblastic Diseases ; Urinary System Diseases ; Vomiting and Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy ; Vulva, Vagina


    General Microbiology ; Miscellaneous ; Mycology ; Parasitology ; Rickettsia,Chlamydiae ; Virology

    You can take practice 1084 questions in the subject Microbiology.


    Conjunctivitis ; Cornea ; Examination of the eye and optics ; Glaucoma ; Lens ; Optic Nerve,Lesions of Visual pathway ; Retina ; Sclera,Vitreous ; Tumours,Squint,Lids,Lacrimal apparatus ; Uveal Tract

    You can take practice 556 questions in the subject Opthalmology.


    Fractures and Dislocations ; Infections ; Tumours ; Chronic Joint Disorders ; Congenital Disorders ; Disorders of Growing Skeleton ; Muscle,Tendon and Fascia ; Neurological Disorders ; Spine,Vertebral coloumn and spinal cord ; Nerves ; Miscellaneous

    You can take practice 450 questions in the subject Orthopedics.

    You can take practice 738 questions in the subject Paedatrics.

    You can take practice 803 questions in the subject Pathology.

    You can take practice 847 questions in the subject Pharmacology.

    You can take practice 747 questions in the subject Physiology.

    You can take practice 332 questions in the subject Radiology.


    Communicable and Non Communicable diseases ; Concepts of health and disease ; Demography,Family Planning,Child health ; Environment and health ; Epidemiology,Screening for disease ; Health Delivery System ; Nutrition and health ; Occupational health,Mental health,Genetics ; Miscellaneous

    You can take practice 1077 questions in the subject SPM.


    Questions in Surgery, spread over 32 Chapters

    You can take practice 2809 questions in the subject Surgery.

    Questions in Surgery, spread over 32 Chapters Anus ; Arterial ; Breast ; Eyes ; Gallbladder ; Head and Neck ; Healing Wounds ; Hernias ; Infections ; Intestinal Obstruction ; Intestines ; Kidneys ; Liver ; Lymphatic ; Miscellaneous ; Oesophagus ; Pancreas ; Parathyroid ; Peritoneum ; Prostate ; Rectum ; Resuscitation ; Skin ; Spleen ; Stomach ; Testes ; Thorax ; Tumours ; Urethra ; Urinary ; Venous Vermiform Appendix